IWebMySite, a visibility-driven website just for you!

IwebMysite offers many specific features to meet your needs:

  • Putting your teams and partners forward and highlighting your references
  • Promoting your products and services, or properties
  • Promoting your organisation and point-of-sales
  • Sharing news articles and trademark on your blog
  • Increasing viral content with tools facilitating such sharing of information across all social networks
  • And way more!

The IwebMysite web Starter, a website-based solution designed to increase referencing and online awareness!

Benefit from a user (UX)-oriented website using both Responsive Web Design (Mobile first) and web indexing (SEO)!

You already have had a website made for you and wish to have it better referenced, alternatively you need to make it possible to quickly launch a new website aiming at increasing your visibility on the Internet. IwebMySite allows:

  • the quick launching of your Internet site via a variety of layouts/templates reflecting your business and trademark
  •  easy-to-use features enabling you to manage, i.e. create or edit content in total freedom
  •  statistical elements to improve real-time positioning and optimise your communication and marketing campaign effectiveness
  •  digital and legal commitment-compliance: Privacy Policy, Terms of Use…
  •  the guarantee of real-time readability and visibility across your entire organisation and your various formats thanks to continuous optimisation using Responsive Web Design
  •  the introduction of a network of minisites linked to a main site for franchisees or industry associations…
  •  to avoid the risk of exposure to piracy attacks and/or data loss through our safety management system as part of our monthly maintenance
  •  to equip your team with a comprehensive communication tool guaranteeing for a positive Return On Investment!


As our customers : Make your IwebMysite web Starter a lead-generator asset!

More about IwebYou

Established in 2012, IwebYou is an online agency providing expert web design and development based in southern France, in the beautiful and historic city of Avignon. The agency has built upon France and Paris, then extended internationally to include Algeria, Spain, The United Kingdom and more recently Canada.

IwebYou offers a full range of primary services to business users in the fields of Business AdministrationCommunications and Marketing through innovation tools and new solutions available on the Internet: custom websites, ERP and CRM software and systems, mass mailing…

We know for a fact that our client budgets are not extensible when drafting new activities, projects or products. That is why we have created IwebMysite to allow for a better and quicker response to user needs, while maintaining the ever higher indices of search engines and web browsers.

Thanks to IwebMysite, we are able to offer our clients a functionality pack with custom layouts and templates and guarantee the most favourable environment possible in terms of natural indexing.

Client autonomy and empowerment are firmly anchored in IwebYou’s corporate values. We want to give our customers the keys to maintain their own website and be able to customise their web page views and functions via a core set of widgets and pre-coded locations.
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